Our Financial Products

Check Cashing
Cash UR Check offers easy, affordable and convenient check cashing to individuals and small companies who need to cash their payments to obtain immediate cash.
We will set an account for you in no time so that you can conveniently access our services anytime you need them.

Payday Loans
Obtain a payday advance fast and easy! All you need to get cash is a bank account under your name, a current bill (FPL, water, telephone) and your last paystub. Bad credit? No worries! We’ll help you get cash even if you have a bad credit score.

All you need to do is complete a fast application process. You get instant loan approval and you walk out with cash in your hand.

Bill Payments
Pay your bills in our stores. We will receive your payments for all utility bills and many more! Whether it is FPL®, AT&T®, Verizon®, Comcast®, your mortgage or even car insurance you can rely on making your payments fast and easy.

Prepaid Debit Cards
Convenience and security is just one step away. You can now obtain a prepaid debit card for your use everywhere cards are accepted, even online! You get a card with your name on it, or arrange for Direct Deposit.

A prepaid debit card will put you in control of your money with all the benefits of having a bank account without those costly and hidden fees, deposit holds and minimum balances. Get yours today.
Money Transfers
When you need to transfer money on a local or international basis think fast, Cash UR Check will help you get the money fast where you need it in more than 200 countries.

We are an agent of Western Union® so you can trust your money will get there in minutes.
Money Orders
Cash UR Check will help you make your payments with confidence, use Western Union® money orders instead of sending checks. Purchase money orders so that you can make a payment with confidence.

You can buy money order from us up to $1,000 per money order.

Other Services
Cash UR Check offers other small business services available for your convenience. We have local bus passes, USPS stamps; and will help you send documents via fax. Need a color copy? Just let us know
Small Business Services
Small Businesses have never had before a partner like Cash UR Check. We will work with you to understand your small business requirements and the best way to help you finance them and achieve your goals. Come talk to us and let’s get started


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